A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

  • I made this game in a week for the Community Game Jam.
  • It's my first time making an rpg and also my first time participating in a game jam so it's not that good. I tried my best though and I hope you'll enjoy it. 


  • The nameless hero had a dream about a treasure in a cave. Now he wants to find it!

How to play:

  1. WASD or ARROW keys to move.
  2. SPACE to see the next line in the dialogue box and to pick up weapons.
  3. Move the MOUSE to deal damage to enemies.
  4. TAB to change the items in your hand.
  5. CTRL to skip the dialogue.

Install instructions

Just unzip it and enjoy!


Cave Treasuring for WINDOWS 19 MB
Cave Treasuring for LINUX 21 MB

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